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Looking for f2f gathers - NC (USA)

I checked the user info and didn't see that this was specifically against the rules, but if it is, I'll pull it.

Looking to get together with other Kin in person. I live in the Charlotte, NC metro area, but willing to travel most of the piedmont.

Coffee is cool, but I don't personally drink it. Don't care where we meet.

tag me here, or at miriel.crawford at gmail.com (make appropriate changes there)

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Pets being Otherkin

I posted this on a few non LJ forums and thought I'd ask about it here too :)

Any way, I have a cat, it's my husband familiar and he is Dragon-kin. However, my cat, well she tends to act a little odd and uncat like. And sometimes when you look in her eyes you see something else. Maybe it's past lives, maybe it's just cause she's a cat, but maybe, just maybe she is otherkin. Possibly dragon or something.

I"m wondering if any one else has wondered or even experienced this in their pets or perhaps other animals?

And now that i think about it, the Second Dresden Files book, Fool Moon, covered were-humans briefly, a wolf that shifted to be a human. Also an interesting topic of discussion :)

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This group is less active.

So... how do people here's characteristics match up with the animals they allign with or view themselves as? This is something that interests me to a high degree so anyone else feeling the desire to contribute any thoughts or ideas on how we view ourselves being in line with how the world/universe/whatever views our animal sides, would be interesting to talk about (as well as applicable to this group?).

I'm still somewhat working on my own thoughts on the matter. I haven't spent time around huskies to have anything more than my own feelings to draw upon. And I really don't think drinking diet soda is a husky trait so.

Anyone up for a chat?

I'm terrible with Intros

I am sorry firstly that I have never introduced myself. I usually don't come Front that often but I am trying to do more of that because I find things out here fascinating. I am a silver dragon, of the traditional Western nature. I'm sure you know what I mean. I'm usually quite shy but I will post here from time to time. So--that's me in a nutshell I believe. If you have questions or want to know me better, ask.
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I, quite honestly, have no idea how to introduce myself. I don't get the opportunity often. But here I am, at the suggestion of my very adored firespirit

I'm a fox-type... but not exactly your normal fox-type, I suppose. As to what other term to call me or whether I'm a "part" of anything, I really don't feel like talking right now. Summarized version, I live with this thing here anrakushi (and a fair amount of others) and I'm not really exciting. I have a terrible temper that I'm decent at hiding, I drive well over the speed limit, Han Solo is my idol next to Indiana Jones and James Bond, and I like lightning storms. I'm a body guard and special-ops in my normal life although in this reality, we measure and cut fabric. Way more exciting, I know.

Sometimes I'm a people person, sometimes I'm not. Either way it's a pleasure to meet all of you and you can call me Liore.
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We never know how to write intros, but this is one.

People who use this journal:
- Kathru, our main frontrunner. As she describes it, she moulds to the shape of her container. So she's an indistinct, er, thing, when not fronting. Humanoid the rest of the time. She won't post or comment here, if not welcome.
- Quinacridone (Quincy). This one's me. I'm a "western" variety dragon. I spend most of my time hanging around in the peanut gallery, or just plain sleeping. Kat suggested I join this community to interact with the outside world more. I saw no reason not to.
- Esmerelda is a shapeshifter. She's usually more active than I am. Beyond that, I'm not going to pin her down. It's an exercise in failure.

So yeah, hi.

- Quincy (mostly)
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Um, hi.

I'm not a multiple, but I've taken some real life multiples as friends, and I find people who are systems really fascinating. I hope thats not a bad thing, because I dont want to make anyone uncomfortable; I just want to make some friends and read in the background and maybe reply to some posts. I'll try to be supportive and stuff, and not ask too many zany questions. I once, when I was much younger, tried to do some meditative thing to get some kind of mental companion, but it didn't quite work out. I'm a therianthrope/otherkin, but that aspect of my life has taken a backseat to mundane identities and life. I'm also a furry, and I am one in such a way that supports my theri side. I used to be into quite a bit of energy work/ psionics/meditation and such, but that has taken a backseat to real life as well. I would be glad to talk to anyone about any of those topics sometime, though! I'm usually on AIM or Yahoo as Gavinfoxx. Feel free to IM me any time, and I'll reply as soon as I can.

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